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K29 2007 Spl Ed Christmas Kit - click to see more!

Chronological Listings
001   Hats Off to Halloween
002   Trick or Treat
003   Boo-ster Club
004   Boo
005   2 Teach is 2 Touch
006   Seeds Of Knowledge
007   To My Teacher
008   Best Friends
009   In All Things Give Thanks
010   Come With Thankful Hearts
011   Birdie Holiday
012   Warm Memories
013   Warmest Wishes
014   Kansas Is Where the Heart Is
015   Flowers of Tomorrow
016   Midnight Cow
017   A Child Was Born
018   Home Established
019   Star of Wonder
020   Christmas Morn
021   Home Is Where We Share
022   Ho Ho Ho!
023   Not A Creature
024   Tiny Tidings
025   Let Love Be Your Guide
026   My Friend
027   Easter Express
028   My Grandma
029   A Slice of Freedom
030   Celebrate
031   Buzz On In!
032   Plant Seeds of Kindness and Love
033   Seeds 4 A Song
034   Bless All That Grows
035   Cat Lovers
036   Happy Haunting
037   Children Are A Gift From the Lord
038   Teachers Touch the Future
039   Harvest Blessings
040   Fall Y'all
041   Scaredy Cats
042   Tiny Tidings II
043   Bugs & Kisses
044   Gift of Love
045   Noah's Noel
046   Peace On Earth
047   Home-Work
048   Angel's Work
049   Every Bunny Do The Hop
050   Sunshine Crossing
051   Dog Lovers
052   Children Are People
053   Two Shall Be As One
054   All Things Bright & Beautiful
055   Cat Lovers, Too
056   Fall Fanatic!
057   Pumpkin Whiskers
058   Autumn Button-Up (w/ button)
059   Velcome
060   All Things Christmas
061   All Hearts Warm At Christmas
062   Tiny Tidings III
063   Winter Button-Up (w/ button)
064   Cold Hands * Warm Heart
065   Grandma + Grandpa
066   Spring Button-Up (w/ button)
067   Easter Bonnet
068   Our House
069   Summer Button-Up (w/ button)
070   Yankee Doodles
071   Y2K Bug
072   Ghouls Night Out
073   Turkey Time
074   Pets Do Christmas
075   Happy Birthday Earth
076   Tiny Tidings IV
077   Charity & Ewe   Sold Out!
078   Friendship
079   Plant Kindness * Reap Love
080   Easter Blessings
081   Cherish All Living Things
082   Chocolate Lovers
083   Halloween Highway
084   Santa's Wish List
085   Tiny Tidings V
086   Stitching Friends
087   Spring Has Sprung
088   Faith*Hope*Love
089   Welcome All Seasons
090   Family
091   Christmas Is...
092   Tiny Tidings VI
093   Santa Stocking
094   Let There Be Peace
095   Love Keeps Us Warm

096   Friendship II
097   Liberty for All
098   Make It Personal   
099   Snowflake Express Stocking
100   Tiny Tidings VII
101   Joy Sampler
102   Love Sampler
103   Garden Sampler
104   My Secret Garden
105   Liberty Sampler
106   Halloween Sampler
107   Thankful Sampler
108   Tiny Tidings VIII
109   A Merry Little Christmas
110   Angel Stocking
111   Easter Sampler
112   Halloween Thrillogy
113   Tiny Tidings IX
114   Official Snow Guide
115   Baby Sampler
116   Think Spring
117   Sunshine Sampler
118   Think Autumn
119   Tiny Tidings X
120   Pair O' Pilgrims
121   Think Winter
122   Spring Things
123   Friends For All Seasons
124   Think Summer
125   Autumn Things
126   Tiny Tidings XI
127   Love Crazy
128   Coffee Crazy
129   Spring Crazy
130   Summer Crazy
131   Fall Crazy
132   Tiny Tidings XII
133   Winter Crazy
134   Tea Crazy
135   A-B-Crazy
136   Retirement Crazy
137   Tiny Tidings XIII
138   It's a Girl Thing!
139   It's a Boy Thing!
140   Tiny Tidings XIV
141   Time for God
142   Cat Lessons for People
143   Dog Lessons for People
144  Eek Boo Hiss
145  Tiny Tidings XV
146  Spring Alphabet
147  One Hundred Years
148  Summer Alphabet
149   Autumn Alphabet
150   Tiny Tidings XVI
151  Winter Alphabet
152  Oh Baby! Chartpak
153  Bacon Bits
154  Wouldn't Life Be Great?
155  Tiny Tidings XVII
156  Promise Me
157  Think Deeply
158  My To Do List
159  Tiny Tidings XVIII
160  Life is Not Measured
161  Flora McSample's 2013 Christmas Stockings
162  Let Them Be Small
163  Be Who You Are
164   Mothers
165   Busy Bee
166   Hats Off to Halloween 2
167   Tiny Tidings XIX
168   Flora McSample's 2014 Stockings
169   Reindeer Stocking
170   How To Be A Mean Mother
171   Seasons
172   Tiny Tidings XX
173   Flora McSample's 2015 Christmas Stockings
174   Be Bold and Brave
175   Bras and Panties
176   Tiny Tidings XXI
177   Flora McSample's 2016 Treats
178   Prayer of St. Francis
179   If You Live to be 100
180   She Believed She Could
181   Chick Party
182   Summer Smalls
183   Coffee Time
184   Red White and Beach
185   Autumn Smalls
186   Tiny Tidings XXII
187   Dear Santa, I've Been Good
188   Flora's 2017 Treats
189  Winter Smalls
190  Spring Smalls
191  Sampler Claus
193 Tiny Tidings XXIII  NEW!

Mystery Samplers
Very Scary (available from Norden Crafts)
Holly & Hearts
Things Unseen

A Little Mystery
Spirit of Christmas Mystery Sampler

Q001  Sampling Halloween Quick-it
Q002  Sampling Christmas Quick-it
Q003   Dog Leave Paw Prints Quick-it
Q004   Live Simply Quick-it
Q005  Sampling Easter Quick-it
Q006  Sampling Thanksgiving Quick-it

Q007  Be Naughty – Save Santa a Trip Quick-it
Q008  Where's the Party? Quick-it
Q009  Flora McSample Strawberry Sampler Quick-it
Q010  Hohoho in a Row Quick-it
Q011  Merry Little Stockings Quick-it

F01   January
F02   February
F03   March
F04   April
F05   May
F06   June
F07   July
F08   August
F09   September
F10   October
F11   November
F12   December
F13   Valentine's Day
F14   St. Patrick's Day
F15   Easter
F16   4th of July
F17   Halloween
F18   Thanksgiving
F19   Christmas
F20   January Blocks
F21   February Blocks
F22   March Blocks
F23   April Blocks
F24   May Blocks
F25   June Blocks
F26   July Blocks
F27   August Blocks
F28   September Blocks
F29   Woof Blocks
F30   Meow Blocks
F31   October Blocks
F32   November Blocks
F33   December Blocks
F34   January Stamps
F35   February Stamps
F36   March Stamps
F37   April Stamps
F38   May Stamps
F39   June Stamps
F40   July Stamps
F41   August Stamps
F42   September Stamps
F43   October Stamps
F44   November Stamp
F45   December Stamp
F46   Love  12 Blessings of Christmas
F47   Friends  12 Blessings of Christmas
F48   Hope  12 Blessings of Christmas
F49   Charity  12 Blessings of Christmas
F50   Joy  12 Blessings of Christmas
F51   Song  12 Blessings of Christmas
F52   Giving  12 Blessings of Christmas
F53   Caring  12 Blessings of Christmas
F54   Family  12 Blessings of Christmas
F55   Faith  12 Blessings of Christmas
F56   Home  12 Blessings of Christmas
F57   Peace  12 Blessings of Christmas
F58   A Bit of January Bits
F59   A Bit of February Bits
F60   A Bit of March Bits
F61   A Bit of April Bits
F62   A Bit of May Bits
F63   A Bit of June Bits
F64   A Bit of July Bits
F65   A Bit of August Bits
F66   A Bit of September Bits
F67   A Bit of October Bits
F68   A Bit of November Bits
F69   A Bit of December Bits
F70   DREAM LOVE Double Flip
F71   REMEMBER GIVE Double Flip
F72   LISTEN LEARN Double Flip
F73   BELIEVE CARE Double Flip
F75   CREATE LIVE Double Flip
F76   HOLLY STOCKING Double Flip
F77   COOKIES SANTA Double Flip
F78   TREE CANDY Double Flip
F79   FAITH CHEER Double Flip
F80   GIFTS WONDER Double Flip
F81   CAROLS PEACE Double Flip
F82   Spooky Treats Double Flip
F83   Black Cat Spiders Double Flip
F84   Eek Creepy Double Flip
F85   Pumpkin Fright Double Flips
F86   Brew Monster Double Flips
F87   Ghost Halloween Double Flips
F88   MERRY CHRISTMAS By the Letter    MERR
F89   MERRY CHRISTMAS By the Letter    YCH
F90   MERRY CHRISTMAS By the Letter    RIST

F91   MERRY CHRISTMAS By the Letter    MAS
F92   Plant a Tree GREEN
F93   Ride A Bike GREEN
F94   Be Kind to Animals GREEN
F95  Keep Our Air Clean Green
F96  Eat Locally Green
F97  Save Water Green
F98  Be Kind/Treasure Family Double Flip
F99  FaLaLa/Honor Traditions Double Flip
F100  Give Santa Cookies/No Pouting!
   Christmas Rules Double Flip

F101  Keep Schedule Light/Share Your Toys
   Christmas Rules Double Flip

F102  Listen for Reindeer/Hang Mistletoe
   Christmas Rules Double Flip

F103  Give More/Welcome Friends
   Christmas Rules Double Flip

F104  Wear A Costume/Eat Candy
   Halloween Rules Double Flip

F105  Haunted House/Scare A Crow
   Halloween Rules Double Flip

F106  Carve A Pumpkin/Stay Up Late
   Halloween Rules Double Flip

F107  Mind Your Mummy-Sit for a Spell
   Halloween Rules Double Flip

F108  Brew Some Fun-Greet a Ghost
   Halloween Rules Double Flip

F109  Howl at the Moon-Be Spooktacular
   Halloween Rules Double Flip

F110  Snowed In 6 Fat Men
F111  Snow House 6 Fat Men
F112  Snow Friends 6 Fat Men
F113  Snow Fun!
F114  Let It Snow 6 Fat Men
F115  Snow Day 6 Fat Men
F116  Fear Less Hope More    Double Flip
F117  Whine Less Breathe More    Double Flip
F118  Talk Less/Say More Less=More    Double Flip
F119  Hate Less/Love More Less=More    Double Flip
F120  All Dressed Up 6 Snow Belles
F121  Ready for Snow 6 Snow Belles
F122  Baby, It's Cold Outside! 6 Snow Belles
F123  Ice Queen 6 Snow Belles
F124  Frosty Friends 6 Snow Belles
F125  Blizzard Babe 6 Snow Belles
F126  Deck the Halls JINGLES
F127  Noel JINGLES
F128  HoHoHo Holiday JINGLES
F129  Cheer Jingles
F130  Wait 'til Dec. 25 Jingles
F131  Merry Jingles
F132  FaLaLaLaLa Jingles
F133  Joy to the World Jingles
F134  Silent Night Jingles
F135  Love Jingles
F136  Joy Jingles
F137  Let It Snow Jingles
F138  Spring 4 Seasons
F139  Summer 4 Seasons
F140  Autumn 4 Seasons
F141  Winter 4 Seasons
F142   Ghosties & Ghoulies/Haunted
F143   October 31/Jack O Lantern
F144   Just Batty/Trick or Treat
F145   It's Hallo-scream/Toil & Trouble
F146   It's Halloween/Fright Night
F147   Gone Haunting/Spooky
F148   Be Kind Always - 3 Little Words
F149   Forgive Move On - 3 Little Words
F150   You've Got This - 3 Little Words
F151   Today Choose Joy - 3 Little Words
F152   Never Give Up - 3 Little Words
F153   Dreaming is Free - 3 Little Words
F154   Embrace the Journey - 3 Little Words
F155   Cold Hands Snow Story
F156   Warm Hearts Snow Story
F157   Snow Love Snow Story
F158   January February Yearbook DoubleFlip
F159   March April Yearbook Double Flip
F160   May June Yearbook Double Flip
F161   July August Yearbook Double Flip
F162   Sept Oct Yearbook Double Flip
F163   Nov Dec Yearbook Double Flip
F164   Love Celebrate with Charm
F165   Luck Celebrate with Charm
F166   Basket Celebrate with Charm
F167   Liberty July 4th Celebrate! with Charm
F168   Boo Celebrate! with Charm
F169   Thank Celebrate! with Charm
F170   Merry Celebrate! with Charm Flip-it

S01   Happy Hoppy Easter
S02   Bless The Baby
S03   Friends Are Like Angels
S04   Miracles Happen
S05   Fright Night
S06   Praise Your Children
S07   Joy
S08   Merry Ho Ho
S09   Bless Our Family
S10   Love is Best
S11   Love My Dog
S12   Love My Cat
S13   Forever Sisters
S14   #1 Mom
S15   #1 Dad
S16   Live, Laugh, Love
S17   Daughters
S18   Plumpkin
S19   Dear Santa
S20   Come Let Us Adore Him
S21   By Golly, Be Jolly
S22   Autumn Sampler
S23   Winter Sampler
S24   Spring Sampler
S25   Summer Sampler
S26   Birthday Blessings
S27   Bless the Graduate
S28   Land That I Love
S29   Sons Are a Special Joy
S30   Cherish Dream Live
S31   Summer ABCs
S32   Autumn ABCs
S33   Winter ABCs
S34   Spring ABCs
S35   If the Broom Fits...
S36   Ready or Not -- Santa '01
S37   You Have Stolen My Heart
S38   Teaching is a Work of the Heart
S39   Follow Your Heart
S40   God Bless America
S41   Friendship Begins
S42   My Other Car is a Broom
S43   Gather a Harvest of Love
S44   Wanted! Santa '02
S45   My Favorite Time
S46   Cross-Stitcher in Residence
S47   Bless Our Home
S48   Life's A Stitch
S49   Merry Friends -- Santa '03
S50   Dear Santa, We've Got Cookies
S51   Welcome Friends
S52   Spring Basket
S53   Summer Basket
S54   Hooray for the USA
S55   Autumn Basket
S56   Treat Time
S57   A Good Night - Santa '04
S58   Winter Basket
S59   Welcome Tooth Fairy
S60   Here Comes Santa Claus - Santa '05
S61   1st Christmas
S62   Home is Where Our Story Begins
S63   Happy New Year!
S64   Let Freedom Ring
S65   Just Be Claus - Santa '06

S66   A Brother
S67   Winter Wishes
S68   Is it Too Late?
S69   Work Pray Trust
S70   Welcome Baby
S71   Just Married!
S72   Good Things
S73   Boo Squared
S74   Tis the Season ­Santa '07
S75   Ask Me About My Grandkids
S76   Noel Squared
S77   Be Mine Valentine
S78   Hop Squared
S79   Peace Love and a Cure
S80   USA Squared
S81   Housework Never Killed Anyone
S82   Hocus Pocus
S83   Fall Squared
S84   Don't Get Your Tinsel in a Tangle
S85   Santa's Got The Goods - Santa '08
S86   Wear A Smile
S87   Just Text Me
S88   Stitching Forever
S89   I'll Get My Elves on That!
S90   It's a Jingle Out There!
S91  Prayer Connection
S92  Cleaning the House
S93  Socks & Underwear Santa '10
S94  Snowman '10
S95  Forgive Quickly, Kiss Slowly
S96  Land That I Love Now and Then
S97  Live Laugh Love Now & Then
S98  Flora McSample Farm Sampler

S99  Wine a Bit
S100  Coming to Town Santa '11
S101  Flora McSample 2011 Ornaments
S102  Getting Old
S103  Do What Your Wife Said!
S104  Unwrap the Joy Santa '12
S105  Flora McSample's Ornaments-2012
S106  Spring String
S107  Buzzy String
S108  Spooky String
S109  Thankful String
S110  Merry String
S111  Jolly Old Soul Santa '13
S112  Snowy String
S113  Doggy String
S114  Kitty String
S115  Jolly Round & Kind Santa '14
S116  Sled Dudes
S117  Be Silly - Flora McSample
S118  Collect Moments - Flora McSample
S119  Do Small Things
S120  Nevermore
S121  Night Before Christmas Sleds
S122  Celebrate! Santa '15
S123  I Can Drive a Stick
S124  Grateful-Thankful-Blessed
S125  For We Walk by Faith
S126   Be Your Own Kind of Beautiful
S127   Santa '16 Old School Santa
S128   Peppermint Sleds
S129   Snowy Sleds
S130   Wise Men Still Seek Him
S131   Home is the Nicest Word There Is
S132   The Elves Did It! Santa '17
S133   Nutcracker Sleds
S134   Stocking Sleds
S136 Home for the Holidays Sleds  NEW!
S137 Santa’s Workshop Sleds  NEW!

B01   Autumn Boxer Kit
B02   Winter Boxer Kit
B03   Spring Boxer Kit
B04   Summer Boxer Kit
B05   Autumn Cottage Boxer Kit
B06   Winter Cottage Boxer Kit  Sold Out!
B07   Spring Cottage Boxer Kit  Sold Out!
B08   Summer Cottage Boxer Kit
B09   Hugs & Kisses Boxer Kit
B10   Balanced Diet Boxer Kit
B11   Friends & Family Boxer Kit
B12   These are the Days Boxer Kit
B13   Spring-ily Boxer Jr. Kit
B14   Summer-licious Boxer Jr. Kit
B15   Autumn-ation Boxer Jr. Kit
B16   Winter-izer Boxer Jr. Kit
B17   Spring Banner Boxer Jr. Kit
B18   Summer Banner Boxer Jr.
B19   Autumn Banner Boxer Jr.
B20   Winter Banner Boxer Jr.
B21   Cupcake Sweet Tooth Boxer Jr.
B22   Pie Sweet Tooth Boxer Jr.
B23   Ice Cream Sweet Tooth Boxer Jr.
B24   Candy Sweet Tooth Boxer Jr.
B25   Did You Ever Stop to Think? Giggle Boxer
B26   Cinderella Is Proof... Giggle Boxer
B27   Breakfast in Bed Giggle Boxer
B28   You Can Touch the Dust Giggle Boxer
B29  Today was a Total Waste of Make-up Giggle Boxer

B30  We're Not Gossiping Giggle Boxer
B31  Well Behaved Women Rarely Make History Giggle Boxer
B32  All We Need is Love... and Chocolate Giggle Boxer
B33  I Know God Inspiration Boxer
B34  When We Do Inspiration Boxer
B35  Not All of Us Inspiration Boxer
B36  Faith Inspiration Boxer
B37  What We Are Inspiration Boxer
B38  Spread the Love Inspiration Boxer
B39  Sweet Simple Things Inspiration Boxer
B40  Faith, Hope & Love Inspiration Boxer
B41  Dance in the Rain Inspiration Boxer
B42  As for Me and My House Inspiration Boxer
B43  Perfectly Kept House Boxer
B44  Faith Is Being Sure Inspiration Boxer
B45  Good Friends are Like Angels Inspiration Boxer
B46  The Lord is Good Inspiration Boxer
B47  If We Pray Inspiration Boxer B48  Don't Cry Because It's Over Inspiration Boxer
B49  I Cannot Count My Day Complete
B50  No Act of Kindness
B51  Gratitude Turns What We Have into Enough Inspiration Boxer
B52  Life is Better with Stitching Friends Inspiration Boxer
B53  Accept What Is Inspiration Boxer
B54  Come Let Us Adore Him Inspiration Boxer Kit
B55  I Am Only One Inspiration Boxer Kit
B56   Be the Rainbow Inspiration Boxer
B57   Be Still Inspiration Boxer
B58   Do the Right Thing Inspiration Boxer
B59  The Things That We Love

K01   My Favorite Things Kit   Sold Out!
K02   My Secret Garden Kit   Sold Out!
K03   Pumpkin Fever Kit   Sold Out!
K04   Love Grows At Christmas Kit   Sold Out!
K05   Clara O'Hare Kit   Re-Released!
K06   Boo To You Kit   Sold Out!
K07   Frosty Friends Kit   Sold Out!
K08   Plant a Little Sunshine Kit  Sold Out!
K09   Henry O'Hare Kit   Re-Released!
K10   Sweet Liberty   Sold Out!
K11   Meowy Christmas   Sold Out!
K12   Happy Howlidays   Sold Out!
K13   Joe Snow   Sold Out!
K14   Pansy O'Hare   Sold Out!
K15   Gather Friends   Sold Out!
K16   Betty Broomstick   Re-Released!
K17   Sally Snow   Sold Out!
K18   Paddy O'Hare   Sold Out!
K19   Liberty Sam   Sold Out!
K20   Vinnie Von Fang   Re-Released!
K21   Needle Nick   Re-Released!
K22   Needle Nana   Sold Out!
K23   Strawberry Scissor Case & Fob   Sold Out!
K24   Acorn Scissor Case Kit   Sold Out!
F25   HOHOHO Scissor Case Kit   Sold Out!
K26   Flossie Claus Kit   Re-Released
K27   Green Eggs Ltd Ed Kit   Sold Out!
K28   Think Pink Ltd Ed Kit   Sold Out!
K29   2007 Spl Ed Christmas Kit
K30   My Country Ltd Ed Kit   Sold Out!
K31   Big Girl Panties Ltd Ed Kit   Sold Out!
K32   Normal is Just a Setting on the Washer
K33   Santa Wants to Know! Kit
K33F Santa Wants to Know! Finishing Kit   Sold Out!
K35   Christmas is Forever 2008 Kit
K34   Be Blox Kit
K36   Egg Hunt Ltd Ed Kit   Sold Out!
K37   A Chicky Easter Ltd Ed Kit   Sold Out!
K38   ABC Lessons Kit
K39   ABC Christmas Kit
K40   Jolly Holiday Kit
K41   EEK! Ltd Ed Kit   Sold Out!
K42   Three Blox Kit
K43   Spring Fab Fob Ltd Ed Kit   Sold Out!
K44   Chicks Rule Ltd Ed Kit   Sold Out!
K45   ABC's of Aging Artfully
K46   ABC Halloween Kit
K47   Summer Fab Fob Ltd Ed Kit   Sold Out!

K48  Autumn Fab Fob Ltd Ed Kit   Sold Out!
K49  Falalalala Kit
K50  Merry Little Bird Kit   Sold Out!
K51  Winter Fab Fob Ltd Ed Kit   Sold Out!
K52  ABC's of Parenting Kit
KXXX   Last Minute December Ltd Ed Kit   Sold Out!
Life's a Beach Ltd Ed Kit   Sold Out!
K54  Be Jolly
K55 A Good Marriage Kit
K56  A Little Love
K57  A Little Easter
K58  Birdz & Bugz   Sold Out!
Mystery Sampler Club
K59   A Little Liberty
K60   Joy to the World Christmas Kit
K61   A Little Christmas Kit
K62   At Our House Kit
K63   Chicks Ltd Ed Kit
K64   Flowers Ltd Ed Kit
K65   A Bee C Ltd Ed Kit
HOOT Ltd Ed Kit
K66   A Little Snow Kit
Holly & Hearts Mystery Sampler
K69   A Little Beach Kit
K70   A Little Boo Kit
Things Unseen Mystery Sampler
K71   Snow Dudes
K72   Spooky Eyes
K73   Dear Rudolph
K74   Jingle All the Way
K75   A Little Luck
K76   ABCs of Faith
K77   Hip Hop Kit
K78   Buzz
A Little Gray Hare Limited Ed. Kit
K79   A Little Wedding Kit
K80   Farm Fob
K81   Sweet Summer Limited Edition Kit
"A Little Mystery" Sampler
K82   Halloweenie Limited Edition Kit
K83   A Little Coffee Kit
K84   Very Merry Santa Kit
K85   A Little Baby Kit
K86   Hello Spring Kit
K87   Selfie Sampler Kit
K88   Love Summer Limited Edition Kit
K89   Red White and Blue Kit
K90   A Little Bee Kit
K91   Pumpkin Pocket
K92   A Little Thankful Kit
K93   NOEL Limited Edition Kit
K94   O Christmas Tree Kit
K95   A Little Stitch


P01   Happy Hoppers Pocketbook Kit   Sold Out!
P02   Long May She Wave Pocketbook Kit   Sold Out!

P03   Beware of Cat! Pocketbook Kit   Sold Out!
P04   Do Not Open 'til Christmas Pocketbook Kit   Sold Out!
Other Cool Stuff

L*K Boxer Shorts   Sold Out!
M100   Tiny Wreath   Sold Out!
M101   Crazy Eyes
M102   Sterling Silver Spider Charm
M103   Sterling Silver Spider Pierced Earrings   Sold Out!
M104   Sterling Silver Beetle Charm
M105   Sterling Silver Heart Charm
M106   Sterling Silver Flag Charm
M107   Sterling Silver Birdhouse Charm   Sold Out!
B001   Blonde Girl Button   Sold Out!
B002   Brunette Girl Button   Sold Out!
B003   Boy In Cap Button   Sold Out!
B555   Angel Button
E056   Embellishment Pack
M105E   Sterling Silver L*K Heart Earrings   Sold Out!
E092   Embellishment Pack
M108   Embellishment Pack
E100   Tiny Tidings VII Embellishment Pack
E108   Tiny Tidings VIII Embellishment Pack
E113   Tiny Tidings IX Embellishment Pack
M109   Sterling Silver Butterfly Charm
E119   Tiny Tidings X Embellishment Pack
M110   Embellishment Pack
FOT     Blessings of Christmas Tree
E122   Spring Things Embellishment Pack

S64E   Let Freedom Ring Embellishment Pack
E125   Autumn Things Embellishment Pack
M112   Sterling Silver Snowflake Charm
E126   Tiny Tidings XI Embellishment Pack
E132 Tiny Tidings XII Embellishment Pack
E137   Tiny Tidings XIII Embellishment Pack
S74E   Tis the Season Charm Pack
S85E   Santa's Got The Goods - Santa '08 Embellishment Pack
S89E   I'll Get My Elves on That! - Santa '09 Embellishment Pack
E140   Tiny Tidings XIV Embellishment Pack
E145  Tiny Tidings XV Embellishment Pack
FGFE  Flip-it Border Embellishment Pack
S93E  Socks & Underwear Santa 2010 Embellishment Pack
S94E  Socks & Underwear Santa 2010 Embellishment Pack
E150   Tiny Tidings XVI Embellishment Pack
S100E   Santa '11 Embellishment Pack
S104E   Unwrap the Joy Santa '12 Embellishment Pack
E155   Tiny Tidings XVII Embellishment Pack
E159   Tiny Tidings XVIII Embellishment Pack
S111E   Jolly Old Soul Santa 2013 Emb Pack
JLK02   Tingles Double Flip Button Pack
E167   Tiny Tidings XIX Embellishment Pack
S115E   Gingerbread Button
E172   Tiny Tidings XX Embellishment Pack
S122E   Celebrate! Santa '15 Emb Pack

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