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Lizzie*Kate Counted Cross Stitch Designs

JLK02 Tingles Double Flip Button Pack

Yes, the Tingles already come with their own little button embellishments - olive button and 2 tiny black buttons. But we've collaborated with the creative gals at Just Another Button Company to design a pack of 20 fun/funky/fabulous buttons to add extra "tingle" to the Tingles series.

Some of these buttons "replace" small stitched areas, and others are just extra decorative elements. The colors coordinate perfectly with the Tingles thread color palette.

The 20 custom buttons are scattered throughout all 12 designs, so we've made a detailed button placement diagram and posted it HERE. Let's get tingly!


JLK02 Tingles Double Flip Button Pack

Tingles Together with JLK02 Button Pack

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