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Holly & Hearts Mystery Sampler

Click below to see our finished models.

 Holly & Hearts Mystery Sampler - Click here to see a model photo of the kit
Our 2nd Mystery Sampler is complete, and it's never too late to join in the fun!

This Christmas sampler unfolds in 3 parts, with complete instructions on how to connect the 3 parts of the design.

Lizzie*Kate Star  Part 1 includes the far left portion of the design, and the thread key for the entire project. Hang onto this one! There's also a bonus Christmas design included in Part 1.

Lizzie*Kate Star  Part 2 includes the middle part of the design, including the lovely saying from "A Christmas Carol," and another bonus holiday pattern. Part 3 solves the mystery with the far right portion of the design.

Lizzie*Kate Star  Part 3 also includes an antique gold heart charm....just one more heart to add to the many hearts (and holly!) in this design.

We stitched our design with Weeks Dye Works overdyed threads, so there's an optional thread pack available with all the threads you'll need to finish the entire design.

Our model is stitched on beautiful overdyed Doubloon linen from Picture This Plus. PTP is providing convenient precuts of Doubloon 28 and 32 ct. linen, as well as Doubloon 14 and 16 ct. linen for this project.

This is our second Mystery Sampler, and it's been so much fun to have you join us on this magical mystery stitching tour! Check out our other Very Scary Mystery Sampler (still available!) for some Halloween fun.

Clue 1 of Holly & Hearts Clue 2 of Holly & Hearts with threads Clue 3 of Holly & Hearts with threads

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