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#168 Flora McSample's 2014 Stockings

They're back! Flora did a group of 3 tiny stockings last year, and they were super popular. Our sampler girl has been busy again, and this bunch is (in Flora's humble opinion) beautiful! These designs are quick-to-stitch, yet really charming little projects. Chartpak includes designs and embellishments for 3 stockings. Companion chart is #161 Flora McSample's 2013 Stockings.

Fabric: 30 ct. Natural linen
Stitch Count: Silent Night 64W x 90H, Reindeer Sampler 61W x 82H, Unto You is Born 68W x 81

Click below to see our finished models.

#168 Flora McSample's 2014 Stockings -- Click to see our finished model

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