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Lizzie*Kate Punch Needle

We're having so much fun with our punch needle designs...we decided to give them a new home on our website! If you haven't tried punch needle yet, we encourage you to give it a try. It's super fun and quick...a lot like painting by number, but with a punch needle and thread!

Punch needle is really portable and great to do while watching your favorite movie or travelling in the car. Our designs come pre-stamped on ivory weaver's cloth, so they are ready to go! All you need to add is a hoop, punch needle and floss. The finishing possibilities for punch needle are endless! You can frame, decorate a pillow, embellish a quilt or do your own creative thing! Have fun and get loopy with Lizzie*Kate punch needle!

*** If you need to order L*K designs, please contact your local needlework shop. There is a shop listing by state at the "info for stitchers" button. Most shops are happy to do mail order, and many shops have websites and/or toll free numbers to assist you in ordering. Happy Stitching!!! ***

PN001   Spring Sampler   Sold Out!
PN002   Summer Sampler   Sold Out!
PN003   Autumn Sampler   Sold Out!
PN004   Winter Sampler   Sold Out!
PN005  Halloween Hang-Ups 1   Sold Out!
PN006   Halloween Hang-Ups 2   Sold Out!
PN007   Holiday Hang-Ups 1   Sold Out!
PN008   Holiday Hang-Ups 2   Sold Out!
PN009   Picnic Stack   Sold Out!
PN010   Spooky Stack   Sold Out!
PN011   Thankful Stack   Sold Out!
PN012   Joyful Stack   Sold Out!

PN013   Flag Square   Sold Out!
PN014   Tall Pumpkin   Sold Out!
PN015   Santa '06   Sold Out!
PN016   Tall Tree   Sold Out!
PN017   Joy Santa 07   Sold Out!
PN018   Spring Cottage   Sold Out!
PN019   Summer Cottage   Sold Out!
PN020 Autumn Cottage   Sold Out!
PN021 Winter Cottage   Sold Out!
PN022 Santa '08   Sold Out!
PN023 Garden   Sold Out!

Pi001   Here's My Heart Punch-it   Sold Out!
Pi002   Carrot Kisses Punch-it   Sold Out!
Pi003   A Little Lamb Punch-it   Sold Out!
Pi004   Tutti Frutti Punch-it   Sold Out!
Pi005   Peas Please Punch-it   Sold Out!
Pi006   Pumpkin Patch Punch-it   Sold Out!
Pi007   Let It Snow Punch-it   Sold Out!

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